What are OHT NYC necklaces made of?

Primarily crafted from silver or gold-coated brass, our jewelry at OHT NYC encompasses a broad array of designs, including our popular 'Spike Chain' and a diverse range of 'Stainless Steel Necklaces'.

Stainless steel, renowned for its rust-resistant properties and inability to tarnish or discolor your skin, is a key material in our collection. A remarkable aspect of stainless steel is that it's the most recycled material on Earth. Consequently, every piece from OHT NYC might hold traces of former machines, skyscrapers, or automobile parts. This cycle of reuse is not just environmentally conscious, but it also continually inspires and influences our design process

We recommend referencing the product description of our products to learn about the material composition .

Can I have sizings adjusted?

We are happy to help you find the perfect fit. Most of our necklaces are adjustable, so you just need to follow the steps here to ensure we adjust your necklace correctly:

1. Include the amount of inches you'd like to add to your necklace's length in the notes tab at checkout. 

2. Email us at info@ohtnyc.com with your order number in the subject line and include the amount of inches you'd like to add to your necklace's length. This is to ensure we can reach out to you and confirm your request. 

OHT NYC Necklaces like the Spike Necklace in Silver and our Spike Necklace in Gold have an extension option on their product pages.

Why does my ring look faded?

Stainless steel does not rust or tarnish, but over time, dirt and oil build up will cause your piece to look dull. To bring back its original shine, give it a polish with a microfibre polishing cloth. Read our blog to learn more about caring for your OHT NYC jewelry.

Does OHT NYC offer a custom made jewelry service?

Custom made jewelry is reserved for our VIP clients. Only our most loyal customers have the opportunity to come into our NYC showroom and customize their OHT NYC jewelry.

What can I do if my OHT NYC jewelry breaks?

If you believe you've received faulty OHT NYC jewelry within 14 days of receiving your order, contact us at info@ohtnyc.com with details and visuals (Please include your order number as well). Each OHT NYC necklace is carefully made by hand, so a very small amount of mistakes still happen. If we confirm the damaged was due to a production issue we will take steps to ensure you receive a brand new product.

Free repairs are no longer covered after 14 days of delivering your order, so we suggest inspecting your necklace to confirm 100% satisfaction. While you're at it, feel free to leave a review to get a special gift! We'd love to hear about your experience.


Can I edit shipping address?

As soon as you notice that your shipping information was placed incorrectly, email us at info@ohtnyc.com. We will update that information for you. 

Can I make changes after submitting my order?

We are unable to make changes that correlate with any item cancellations. If there is an instance in which you would like to switch out an item with another at the same price, email us at info@ohtnyc.com and we will try to update your order ASAP. You should receive a response from customer service within a business day. Please allow up to 2-3 business days during holiday seasons. 

How can I cancel my order?

We are unable to cancel orders after they are submitted.


Do you have a retail store?

We do not have any physical retail locations as of this moment. But if you find yourself in New York City you can visit our showroom located in midtown! Click here to reserve a visit.

I’m interested in collaborating with OHT, how can I contact you?

Feel free to send us an email at info@ohtnyc.com or DM us on Instagram @OHTNYC, then tell us about yourself and your goal! We aren’t always able to respond to all collaboration requests, but if we are interested, we will be sure to get back to you!