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Hair pin in silver-coated metal with asymmetrical-length drops. Locket and crystal accents at drop.



Crystal AB, Peridot Green 


Hair Pin length : 5.75"

Body : Silver-Coated Brass

Crystal : Swarovski® 


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Customer Reviews

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Pretty and Versatile in looks and Functionality

I bought both colors awhile ago and I love them. I bought 2 because I have really long hair and like securing with 2,plus I like the symmetrical look of 2. The cages can be opened and you can put whatever you want in the center . I collect a lot of gems and crystals and have changed them with purple amethysts, red garnets, rose quartz and other rhinestones and high end glass beads. Other than holding your locks in place, you can use them to pick a lock into your place- not kidding true story!! Also a true story, but not mine, is the time I lent them to a friend, who with her quick thinking and hot temper stabbed someone that was groping her and trying to force her into his car. So add "self defense mechanism" to the list of potential uses. ( There is one less hand with the ability to grope out there now...sad. not sad). Lastly, these are beautiful to display on a vanity, especially if they are near a reflective surface like a mirror or silver tray.


I don’t agree with the other review(which is why I bought this hairpin). The quality was not incredible and did not have a luxurious weight. The crystal part I thought would be fake crystal or glass, it is plastic. The bead in the center of the cage-like charm is like a child’s play set bead but I don’t really mind as you can not open the circular cage part plus it shines so beautifully in the sun. Also, something about the pin is not the best quality either. It’s not bad, but it’s not what I expected for the price. Don’t get me wrong, the hairpin is beautiful and I appreciate and think it’s awesome that it’s handmade, but the two small plastic parts could definitely be changed. Perhaps have a full metal pin part, change the material of the plastic crystal to a glass or fake crystal, and add a glass-type charm in the cage charm. I docked stars for the price for the quality of material. Everything else is perfect though. If anything, defiantly change the clear crystal to a high quality type one. The plastic clear crystal is what made me immediately want to doc two stars.

Electra Young
Blow away!

Bought both colors of these hair pins and they are absolutely breathtaking. The are an incredible quality, have a luxurious weight to them, and are just stunning to look at. I am very excited to wear these out. The OHTNYC team has outdone themselves with this piece and this collection.